“Roller Derby or Bust” is an animated bumper that we have created for Syfy TV channel, in honour of the International Women’s Day 2020. In this project, Storm, a roller derby player, is training in the track when she is surprised by a zombie apocalypse. Our protagonist instead of freaking out, decided to face them and fight for her survival, dodging the zombies lightly until stamping one of them against the door, making that his blood forms the TC channel’s logo.

In this project it has been very important the characters design, since the roller derby thematic as well as the client’s demands made clear that it had to be a strong and active female role. The final result is Storm, a strong and athletic Afro-American woman, with an afro crest so rebel that comes out from the helmet. The election of the roller derby as core has allow us to experiment with a chromatic palette full of saturated and strident colours, in contrast with the muted colours of the zombies, highlighting the green blood that will finally form the SYFY’s logo. However, the most important fact is that Storm stands out at every moment, that is why she wears that electric blue and such a strident pink.

One of the challenges of this project has been finding the narrative tone, since the final result had to be a video full of action and colour in which the insides and the blood would not be unpleasant but funny, helping to direct the story until it be astonishing. We think that the bumper “Roller Derby or Bust” has accomplished these objectives and we are very proud of the result.

Samples of Model Sheet created for the bumper

Samples of the Concept Art created for the bumper