Welcome to the world of Narcobot! A futurist world in which the robots have transformed little by little the world to their image and likeness, turning another robots and even humans to being who live with a constant thread of becoming obsolete, although our protagonist does not care about this. Martí is a stubborn puppeteer who resits to disappear though his environment does not understand him and encourage him constantly to “modernize himself”.

He is happy with his puppets entertaining both children and robots from one city to the other, until one day he suffers an unfortunate accident that damages his beloved bicycle. Martí desperately looks for a mechanic wo is able to repair it, but unluckily it has become obsolete and not only there are no pieces, but also nobody remembers how to repair an old bicycle, or maybe they do? Rumours talk about an old robot who is exiled in the desert, and this makes our hero to begin a long quest to save his dear bicycle, although not everything results ass he expected.

2D animation short film produced in Valencian for young audience. Produced by the Máster de Animación of the UPV (Polytechnic University of Valencia)

If you want to know more about this project, you can visit its official web-page clicking the poster or here.

Samples of the Model sheet created for the short film

Here we let you a sample of the Concept Art developed for this short film, in search of the final style, influenced by the aesthetic and the warming traditional children’s illustration style.