Micosis narrates the story of Alfa, and old astronaut who looks for Omega, his partner disappeared in the dark abyss of one of the caverns of the planet in which he saw her for the last time. He will descend for a spot plagued by a strange being until the deepest part of his fears with the only help of his flashlights, his weapon and his desire of redemption.

This short film is a minimalist experimentation of the use of light in a completely dark canvas, in which only the little illuminated details are enough to suggest the character’s volume and the geography of the surroundings. The recreated atmosphere is true to the spirit of the story, where the deepest part of the most unknown place, something familiar can be found.

2D animation short film produced in Valencian for young audience. Produced by the Máster de Animación of the UPV (Polytechnic University of Valencia)

If you want to know more about this project, you can visit its official Instagram account clicking the poster or here.

Samples of the Character Design and Final Backgrounds of the short film

Sample of the Concept Art in search of the final style