During the last months, Calaveres Animació has had the pleasure to work with the director José Aguado, Armando Zaragozá y Silla’s City Council in the realization of the graphic material of the documentary of an extraordinary woman. The schoolteacher Carmen Valero was a woman ahead of her time, intelligent and dedicated to improve the life of the rest thanks to the knowledge, even if it implies mobilizing and trying to change the principles of a society that was wishing to evolve. Unfortunately, the regression suffered by Spain at the end of the 30s made her task extremely complicated, but she did not renounce, winning the respect of her contemporaries and successors.

Carmen had a strong educational vocation, thus from Calaveres we decided that aesthetic used for the development of the Opening, Lettering and Ending of the documentary would be related with teaching. We believe the style achieved is capable to maintain the cosy aesthetic of the typical blackboards of a school, but keeping the seriousness of a documentary. Carmen Valero felt a strong respect and love for the education, believing that it was the medium to achieve a better and more equal society for everyone. Therefore, we believe that using the blackboard (a classical teaching tool) as medium in which to tell her story, is a tribute to her dedication and passion.

The Opening that we have created narrates visually and briefly Carmen’s life. The camera guides us through the different period of her life, all of them based in her photographic archive: from her youth as a talented student, passing through adulthood teaching the young girls of her village that they had the same rights as the boys, until her period teaching in a clandestine way. Livening all of them up with animations that help us to focus the attention in our protagonist, while they are at the same time entertaining and visually enhancing the marvellous trip her life was.

Samples of Model Sheet and Lay Out developed for the documentary

Then, we let you a sample of the Concept Art created for the documentary