Once again in Calaveres Animació we have created an animated bumper, but it is important to highlight how special this project has been, due to the fact that it was order by the film producer Universal Pictures. Thirty-five years ago, one of the most iconic films of the studio was released: “Back To The Future”, or in its Spanish translation “Regreso Al Futuro”. Written and directed by Robert Zemeckis, produced by Steven Spielberg, and starring by Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd. In the film, Marty McFly, an impulsive teenager, travels accidentally to the past (from 1985 to 1955), altering the facts that made his parents fall in love. In order to fix it, Marty ask for the help of Doctor Emmett Brown (Doc) in order to reunite his parents again, securing his future existence. The impact of this film is not only notable in the influence that it exerted in posterior films, but also in its position as an icon of the pop culture. That is why it has been a huge honour for our studio to pay tribute to this iconic story, as well as working with Marty and the colourful world of the Hill Valley of the 50s.

This time we have dared to try with a style that is new for us, but which fit perfectly both with the film and with the way that we wanted to aim the tribute: the pixel art. This digital art form appeared as a useful aesthetic focus in the videogame panorama, but over the years its artistic value and its retro style have been acknowledged. Since we chose the scene in which Martin is getting away in his skate from the bullies that are persecuting him in a village set in the 50s, we decided that the retro aesthetic fit that particular scene and the general character of the whole film. We went one step further using not only the pixel aesthetic, but also taking advantage of the narrative that would the characteristic of the retro videogames, in order to synthesize the animated scene in which Marty demonstrates that he is not only impulsive, but also generous and funny. The skating persecution is our favourite scene, although it has been a huge challenge for us to work with a new style, trying to keep at the same time the essence of an iconic cinematographic saga. It has been tremendously funny and now we are eternally bound to this film.

Samples of Concept Art created for the bumper