We show you the videoclip “El Blues dels Animals”, our project with the incredible Valencian jazz band Nina Dinamita y la Swing Milicia. Who in this occasion have decided to make a song whose objective is no other that make the little ones dance.

In it you will meet Nina, a naughty and restless girl, who is in love with drawing and with the nature. Following the rhythm of the blues she has fun with the Eagle, the Tauron and the Leopard. She even has a special choreography prepared for the occasion!! Nina and her friends’ world keeps growing with the rhythm of the song and her imagination evolves around the colour ad the music.

El Blues dels Animals comes from a videogame evening with Omar Faus Parra and his little brother Silvio. These two danced and sang while Claudia Ferrández (vocals) played the guitar, when the went out of songs to be played, Claudia asked Omer to invent a story in order to transform it into song. Months later Claudia wrote an easy stanza which justify why the animals do weird things. In order to transmit that everyone is different and adapt themselves to their environment as well as they can, the same occurs with Omar’s animals.

Samples of Model Sheet created for the videoclip

Then, we let you a sample of the Concept Art created for the videoclip