Unfortunately we still can’t show the video. If you have the password you can watch it on Vimeo.

The TV channel SYFY laid down the challenge of creating a special bumper for 2020’s Halloween day and, as a result, in Calaveres Animació we have created “This Cemetery is not Dead”. Our challenge in this project has been to include a little tribute to the LGBT culture, always with an extreme respect, keeping at the same time the Halloween spirit. Our story begins in a devastated cemetery surrounded by the night, the church’s clock strikes midnight, and at that moment the graves tremble and the spirits of the dead come back to life. The first spirits to wake up are an old couple, ready for the boring task of disturbing the living, but the next ones to be awaken have no intention of maintaining such a tedious tradition, instead of that they wake up full of feather boas, glitter and sequins. They are not awake to disturb anyone, but to enjoy diversity and burst an explosion of colour in the usually boring cemetery. The old couple succumb before the colour and the music and join the party with the rest of the graveyard, meanwhile an explosion of glitter turns some old graves into the logo of the TV channel.

The aim of this video has been to astonish. In Calaveres, we were tired of the prototypical ghosts ready to waste their only night off, working, so the living could learn something that they should know: live. The best way to demonstrate the importance of seizing our lives is not haunting people but having a great party in which everybody wants to be happy. Ghosts deserve a day off in which they can have fun and tap-dance on their own graves. The importance of this project lies on conveying the festive ambient and observing how a change of mentality can tun something traditional, old and boring into something funny and colourful.

We wanted to bring the principle of diversity characteristic of LGBT culture to Halloween. What difference does it make if you are old or young, gay or straight, alive or dead?

Samples of Model Sheet created for the bumper

Samples of the Concept Art created for the bumper