Unfortunately we still can’t show the video. If you have the password you can watch it on Vimeo.

In this instance, we have carried out the presentation bumper for the TZGZ section, a night spot of the TV channel SYFY in which the uncanny comes to life. And that is the key point in “Party Hide”: the bizarre and unexpected. We love the feeling that anything might happen, and animation is an especially suitable medium to convey this feeling to the public. In this video you will know Dizzy, a veteran jazz trumpeter, who sounding his old trumpet creates an explosion of colours full of little animals. These little animals are enjoying the music until they are devoured in one mouthful by a toothy monster who came out of nowhere. But it seems that this hungry monster is not used to the explosive imagination of the great musician and ends up indigestible, writhing along with the rhythm of the music. Once relaxed, he opens his mouth and show us how the little characters have form the TZGZ’s logo.

Music inspires us in unsuspected ways. It makes us feel in a very special way, and at the same time it makes us think about realities or situations unrelated to us, but that thrill us anyway. Any time we can, we think about projects in which the music is not only a partner for the image, but also part of the narration. In “Party Hide” music is the leading character of all the action. It is in charge of rekindling these joyful animals, the one who makes the monster “dance” until showing what had happened inside of his mouth and which is the final result of the melody that comes out from the musician’s imagination.

The crucial element in this bumper is the randomness. This marvellous sensation that makes us wonder “What the hell is going on?”, or which directly avoids us to think and all that we can do is laughing. This incredible feeling might help us to embrace the uncanny as something to be celebrated instead of avoided. In Calaveres, we love to be shocked and shock, and we believe that a cloud filled with little animals which are devoured by a monster to be turned into a logo, and all of this coming out from a trumpet, is something that no one expects.

Samples of Model Sheet created for the bumper

Samples of the Concept Art created for the bumper